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25.10. 2016

Glock 19C is manufactured in this unchanged form for a number of years and there is hardly anything to be improved at all. However, it would not be Glock if they did not manage to find at least a little room for a minor improvement. The innovated Glock 19C is fitted with a machined groove on the barrel at the top of the chamber. At first glance, you will not even notice it. At second glance, you may see a change in the shape of the otherwise flat top of the slide, and from the design point of view, the change is for the better. It makes the pistol look more interesting and also by removing a little material the pistol lost about 1.5 grams in weight, which is of course meant as a joke. The reason behind this design change was an occasional contact of the front portion of the barrel with the slide in the area between the gas vent holes. Nothing substantial, but why not improve something that we know may be better. This is exactly the attitude of Glock. Another person may just write it off, but not Glock. They realize very well that the proverbial butterfly effect can have real consequences...

 21.10. 2016

This year is beginning a new rig for Slovak Republic Special forces and police with Glock 17 Gen4 in calibre 9x19 including accessories. Slovak Interior Ministry and DOD (Department of Defense) ordered in all 16,000 Glocks. We congratulate Slovak police and soldiers to purchase perfect guns and company Glock too. In peace is the energy.


The famous U.S. Army Special Operations Command chose for their elite units super gun GLOCK 19 Gen4 in calibre 9x19 like the MARSOC too.


To fulfil the requirements of the FBI made the new models Glock 17M and Glock 19M calibre 9x19. The news are the new models Glock with sign "M". One of the new should be subcompact Glock 26M.


The implementation of the new models Glock 17M and Glock 19M is beginning a service renaissance of ammunitions 9x19 at the FBI. I see a start of Glock Gen5.


Pistol Glock 19 Gen4 in calibre 9x19 newly serves in armament MARSOC (Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command) for its reliability and compactness.

 6.10. 2016

Hot news from Glock World. Glock knife FM 78 (knife without saw) will make only in black colour. Glock knife FM 81 (knife with saw) will make in black, battlefield, grey and dark earth colours.

 1.10. 2016

The next news from Philippines. Meritorious, selected soldiers and policemen for their merits don't get the watches from gevernment. They will get the new Glock 30! Glock is really favourite gun in this beautiful country.


Filipinos have the pistols Glock in their Law Enforcement too. It is Glock 17 and Glock 19. Philippine Army Special Units use the model Glock 30 in large numbers.

 22.9. 2016

Glock arm American FBI again. For once, it will be the model Glock 17 and Glock 19 in standard calibre NATO 9x19. This models will replaced at he models Glock 22 and Glock 23 in calibre .40.

 15.9. 2016

We have managed to find the information about Glock pistols of different models. The pistols are being used in armament of law enforcement in all countries of the European countries. For example - Vatican or Monaco.

 7.9. 2016 

Many people think that the performance of Glock 26 is insufficient. However, as per the tests the Glock 26 shoots through 15cm (almost 6'') of hardwood. The target was in the distance 7m (about 8 yards) with full metal jacket bullet (weight 7,5 grams, about 115,75 grains). Do you still think that the Glock 26 is inefficient self-defense gun?

COVER-IPAD-SA01-vetsiSpecial Ammunition (first part), 2nd Edition


As hot news we present to you the book Special AMMUNITION. This is the second issue of this book discussing ammunition for handguns, assault and sniper rifles, sub-machine guns and PDW and also shotguns. It includes a narrow selection of ammunition with certain properties that make it specific, e.g. special armor-piercing versions, less common designs of otherwise standard calibers etc. A significant asset of this book is also information on special purpose ammunition used in countries of the former "Eastern Bloc", i.e. states unified under the so called Warsaw Pact. These are not ground-breaking or secret information, but at this single publication the readers will find a variety of ballistic data that may be further utilized e.g. in the performance of their occupation.

Policemen will find out how vulnerable they are even when using a "bulletproof" vest, soldiers will find out at what distance they may be easily eliminated and security experts will be able to more easily design the dimensions of walls of personal safe rooms for protected persons.

This information is available from a well-arranged table of contents according to the individual calibers, supplemented by lots of ballistic charts and nicely executed technical diagrams and cross-sections.

We hope that the new book will please all readers that reach for it and provide them with lots of new, or at least valuable information.

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Antonin Kuchynka

Antonin Kuchynka, Contributor
A weapons enthusiast and an exclusive photographer of GLOCK's guns

The first weapon that Antonín Kuchynka owned and got the firearm licence for was GLOCK 17. Then he did not even consider that because of his passion, innate curiosity and interest in weapons technology converted into the book form, will allow him to meet directly the company founder and creator of GLOCK 17 weapons Msc. Gaston Glock. After the first meeting at the parent branch in Deutsch Wagram was established long-term cooperation and Antonín Kuchynka became the official photographer of Glock weapons. His photographs, supported by many years of theoretical knowledge and practical experience (literally he tried all available GLOCK weapons) so crossed the Czech border and are popular not only in Austria but also in the USA, where the GLOCK weapons are the most widely used.

Although the GLOCK company has been very helpful to our publishing and it contributes to create a whole new range of beautiful photographs as well as it helps us to obtain up to date and realistic technical information, the annual GLOCK Ges. m. b. H. stays an independant publisher and is not just an advertising print. We are adding a GLOCK Ges. m. b. H. company´s statement as a proof of our claim.

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